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Lee Chambers inducted as a National Academy of Sciences Kavli Fellow

Psychologist, Keynote Speaker and Male Ally

Lee Chambers inducted as a National Academy of Sciences Kavli Fellow

Lee Chambers Kavli Fellow National Academy of Sciences

The East Lancashire businessman has become the only Brit to receive a Science Fellowship from the National Academy of Sciences.

Lee Chambers, the psychologist and founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing from Wilpshire, has received the Kavli Fellowship from the renowned American institute, the National Academy of Sciences.

The National Academy of Sciences US-based NGO, founded in 1863 and approved by Abraham Lincoln, with the mission of creating an independent, unbiased and objective perspective and voice on science and technology for the betterment of humanity and nations.

He recently travelled to Irvine, California, to receive the Kavli Fellowship, of which 40 are given each year to emerging scientists who are leading their fields and leading the future of science globally.

Mr Chambers is the only British scientist to be selected for this year’s award, as well as being the first black British scientist to become a US Kavli Fellow.

He joins scientists from eight different fields for an event, connecting this year’s 40 awardees. Subjects that will be covered in depth at this year’s symposium include nuclear fusion, space telescope exploration, mental health and trust in AI.

The award is in its 33rd year, having started in 1989, and is seen as the premier accolade for distinguished young scientists. Since its inception, 18 awardees have gone on to become Nobel Prize winners, while many others are senior leaders in science internationally.

Lee Chambers Kavli Fellow National Academy of Sciences

Lee Chambers speaking at the National Academy of Sciences

On becoming a Kavli Fellow, Mr Chambers said: “I’ve worked extremely hard over the years to try and make a difference, but I never expected to find myself in this kind of company.

“To be internationally recognised by a leading global scientific institute for my work is truly humbling, and to be representing the UK on the biggest of global stages is an honour.

“I’m excited to learn from my peers and be able to connect with the brightest talent in science. And as I go out to Los Angeles to meet my fellow 39, I’m taking a piece of Lancashire with me to show the best scientific minds just what we do in our fine county.”

While international success is a real milestone, Mr Chambers reflections are telling, with him being very clear that without the support and encouragement he’s received over the years, he and Essentialise wouldn’t be where they are today.

His parting thought was that he wants to use the platform and fellowship as a way to continue to inspire the next generation of diverse scientists, while working to create more equity within the wider community and across institutions.

2023 Kavli Fellows include:

Corey Allard, Harvard University, Biology
Yoav Artzi, Cornell University, Computer Science
Nicolas Cassar, Duke University, Biogeochemistry
Seungwon Choi, University of Texas, Neuroscience
Cami Collins, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Fusion Energy
Federico Fuiza, Stanford University, Plasma Physics
Tatsunori Hashimoto, Stanford University, Computer Science
Tanveer Karim, Harvard University, Astrophysics
Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio, Yale University, Soft Robotics
Ralph Kleiner, Princeton University, Chemical Biology
Hima Lakkaraju, Harvard University, Machine Learning
Brett Maguire, MIT, Astrochemistry
Yalda Moayedi, Columbia University, Sensory Neuroscience


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