Lee Chambers

Press and Media Portfolio

Lee Chambers is a media-friendly entrepreneur, psychologist and speaker. He regularly features and interviews on topics including wellbeing, inclusion and leadership.

Lee Chambers Keynote Speaker Entrepreneur

Lee Chambers Keynote Speaker Entrepreneur Psychologist

Lee Chambers Keynote Speaker Entrepreneur

Lee Chambers Keynote Speaker Entrepreneur Psychologist

Lee Chambers Keynote Speaker Entrepreneur

Lee Chambers Keynote Speaker Entrepreneur Psychologist

Lee Chambers Keynote Speaker Entrepreneur

Media Contribution

Lee provides authority quotes and analysis for international news outlets, national press, company blogs and magazines. He interviews on specialist topics and experiences including psychology, wellbeing, diversity and entrepreneurship.


Personal Interviews

Lee Chambers has been interviewed and featured across a number of media outlets, including Newsweek, Thrive Global, The Times and The Ritz Herald. He was recently interviewed by Vogue on lockdown fatigue.


International News

Lee regularly provides expert comment and contribution for a variety of publications and is included numerous times in 2020 on articles on HuffPost, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, MSN and Mashable.


Company Blogs

He also provides a number of high profile clients with content contribution and authority assistance with articles, and has recently worked with Talk Talk, Instant Offices, RBS, Fleetpoint and Bramleys. Lee has also been featured in advice articles from the CMI, Small Business Charter and Top MBA.


Magazines and Media

Lee Chambers is a popular and respected voice in the UK media and magazine industry, and in the last six months has been integral to a number of articles published in Metro, Harpers Baazar, The Telegraph, Happiful, Ideal Home, The Guardian and Glamour.

TV, Radio and Video

Lee Chambers speaks publically on a number of topics and is always adaptive to recent events. He is available for TV, Radio and other video-based content, articulates well and is comfortable in front of a camera or microphone. Often available on a tight deadline, and speaks with passion.

Broadcast Portfolio

British Psychologist Lee Chambers Talkradio

British psychologist Lee Chambers Toyko Olympics ITV News

British Psychologist Lee Chambers on Sky News

Lee Chambers British Psychologist Essentialise

Lee Chambers British Psychologist on Talkradio

Lee Chambers Colour Psychologist

Podcast Guesting

Lee Chambers As A Podcast Guest

Lee speaks with passion and insight on topics such as the human future of work, the psychology of environments, the importance of sleep and organisation culture and its impact on workplace wellbeing. As a veteran of over 80 shows, he continues to bring fresh ideas delivered in actionable chunks.

Previous Releases

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About Lee Chambers

Lee is a business [psychologist, wellbeing consultant and the founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing. He has worked within elite sports and corporate finance, as well as building his first business, PhenomGames, which he sold in 2020.

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Lee Chambers

Expert comment

Provides authority contribution on a short deadline targeted to your context and audience.

radio interview

Comfortable, energetic and dynamic radio presenter and guest interviews.

Podcast guest

Engaging, insightful and conversational podcast guest on a variety of topics.

keynote speaker

Passionate, connected and emotive speaking delivery with actionable takeaways.