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Male Allyship – Lee Chambers

Engaging Men in Inclusion

Lee Chambers is a business psychologist and one of the leading voices on male allyship in the UK, and is the founder of Male Allies UK. 

He openly shares his journey into allyship, from losing the ability to walk and having to reframe his masculinity, to becoming a stay at home father to his children and his years of work researching and applying inclusive leadership in the workplace.

While not referring to himself as a male ally, he has been labelled and recognised for his work by Marie Claire, WeAreTheCity and the Great British Businesswoman Awards, and was the 2023 UN Women Changemaker of the Year for his work on male allyship and gender equity.

He has spoken globally on the topic of male allyship, including keynote sessions at Women of Silicon Roundabout, the Women in Finance Summit and the Bloomberg Global Equality Summit, and has worked with clients on engaging men in inclusion, including Amazon, John Lewis and UBS.

Outside of Male Allies UK, he is a board member of the CMI Women’s Commitee, the founder of inclusive wellbeing company Essentialise, and is a Kavli Academic Fellow. He is also and ambassador for the Governement-backed Lilac Review for Disabled Entrepreneurs.

He is available for speaking, workshops and consulting on male allyship, engaging men in inclusion and his understanding for men series on misogyny, menopause and microaggressions. 


What is Male Allyship?

The word allyship means to combine and to unite, and this is the form of male allyship we promote.

We focus on supporting and equipping men to be able to play an active role in inclusion, promoting gender equity and understanding how to tackle sexism and misogyny.

We align the skills of allyship with modern masculinity and leadership, bridging the “what’s in it for men” and recognising the barriers they face in moving from curious to commited.

We amplify how effective male allyship is a win-win for everybody involved, and how becoming a male ally has a range of benefits to men in the workplace, for their health and for their relationships.

Lee Chambers Male Ally

Keynote Speaking

Lee is a regular keynote speaker and panellist, bringing the latest research, case studies and learnings from delivering male allyship programmes in a range of different industries, from finance to tech, in an engaging and actionable way.

Bespoke Workshops

Lee is experienced in delivering tailored workshops to global clients, from supporting pre-existing male allies networks and ERG, to organisations at the very start of their allyship journey. All sessions are co-created, relevant and practical, understanding current barriers and areas for improvement.

Allyship Consultancy

For all the talk around allyship, there’s still a lot of learning being done. We can partner with your organisation to see where you are at, the current gaps that we can close, and build a pathway to a more actively inclusive organisation, where inclusion is for everyone.



Looking to Make Male Allyship a Reality?

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Who We Work With

Lee Chambers speaking London Excel Male Ally

We deliver male allyship presentations and workshops across a variety of different industries, and our clients include PwC, John Lewis, UBS, Amazon Prime Video and the Bank of England. We have delivered keynotes on our research, insight and practical actions at Accountex, Women in Tech Summit and One Young World.

We are collaborative in our approach, and work alongside a team of specialists in a variety of fields, including subject areas such as women in leadership, equal parenting, gender pay gap reporting and women’s health.

I am one of the UK’s leading male voices of menopause awareness, engaging men in normalising conversations and being equipped to support rather than avoid. We have delivered sessions to over 25 companies over the past year, including Harrods, Freshfields, Hampshire and IoW NHS Trust and Taylor Wimpey.