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Lee Chambers

Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant

Who is Lee Chambers?

Lee Chambers is a British psychologist, entrepreneur and radio host. He is the founder of PhenomGames and Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing.

He has been interviewed by Vogue, The Guardian and Newsweek, and is known for analyzing the psychological aspects of the workplaces, wellbeing and colour. His clients include Indeed, RBS, Gazprom and PwC. He is the host of the Self Aware Entrepreneur Show, and was voted in the Top 50 BAME Entrepreneurs Under 50 in 2020. He is trusted by publications such as Medical News Today, the BBC and Healthline.

Lee won the Small Business of the Year at the GMBA, and has also been awarded the Organisational Psychologist of the Year at the UK Enterprise Awards. He was award the Rising Star at the HIVE Business Award and Highly Commended Entrepreneur at the Manchester Young Talent Awards.

Born in Bolton, Lancashire, and residing in Preston, UK, he is passionate about conscious leadership, equality of health opportunity and nature.

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What Do I Do?

Bringing Cutting Edge Science To Your Office

In my role as an Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, I have a core objective; to increase your employees productivity, motivation and innovation.

I achieve this by applying the latest research from Psychology, Neuroscience and Physiology to create an integrated programme. This programme includes a range of assessments, workshops, consulting and coaching to embed advancement in wellbeing within your organisation.


An Entrepreneur and Speaker

Having founded PhenomGames in 2008 and Essentialise in 2019, I have experienced both the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, and speak on a range of business topics, from my own journey to startups and leadership.
I deliver with an engaging approach that provides actionable insights interwoven with a compelling story.

Lee’s Story

Your Media Friendly Expert Psychologist and Coach

I am a media friendly psychologist, available as a valuable expert to add authority to your campaign. Articulate, reliable and always considering client outcomes, I have worked with a range of companies including Indeed, Reebok and RBS.

I am also well regarded within the media, having featured on ITV and the BBC and been interviewed by Vogue. I can be often found quoted in The Telegraph, Guardian, Huffpost and Metro, and am currently available for contribution.

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As featured in:





The Telegraph

The Guardian



What Do I Speak On?

Topics I regularly speak on are:

Psychology of workspaces and workplaces
Psychology of environments and colour
Human Leadership and Organisational Cultures
Inclusion, Equity and Belonging
Mental Wellbeing
Sleep and Human Performance

I am passionate about my field of psychology and my research interests are positive psychology, well-being and color psychology. I am influenced by Martin Seligman, Barbara Fredrickson and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Mentioned by:

BBC News
Medical News Today
Lancaster University

Wellbeing at Work Blog

Lee Chambers writes about Environmental Psychology, Employee Wellbeing, Leadership, Teamwork, Personal Development, Organisational Culture, The Future of Work and Social Enterprise.

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