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How To Embrace Koselig This Winter

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How To Embrace Koselig This Winter

If was to say the word ‘winter’, what would be the first things that would come to mind? Christmas? Snow? The cold? Open fires? Extra jumpers? Winter coats? Staying inside in the warm? Shorter day? Dark evenings? Holidays? Family? Presents? – all things that are synonymous with the coldest season of the year. A time that is typically spent wearing extra layers with the heating cranked up, socialising with family and friends, moaning about the cold weather, and wishing that summer would hurry up! 

But what about the word ‘Koselig’? I bet that’s not a word that you associate with the word ‘winter’. That’s not surprising given that it’s not an English word and the concept of Koselig isn’t something the vast majority of people in the UK are aware of. 

Don’t worry; I know what you’re thinking. ‘If it’s not an English word and people in the UK aren’t familiar with it, why are you talking about it?’. Well, for very good reason. Koselig is something that could help you through the winter months. Let’s take a look at this concept in a little more detail.

What is Koselig? 

Koselig is a Norwegian concept that helps you to get through winter. But what does it actually mean? Both a noun and a verb, it’s actually hard to give the word Koselig an exact translation; however, the term ‘cosy’ is commonly used as the best translation. Of course, being cosy is something synonymous with winter (and often needed!), but koselig means so much more than just being cosy and warm. 

Koselig is something that is deeply rooted in Norwegian culture, with natives of the Nordic country describing it as the feeling of being comfortable and cosy whilst socialising with others. It is centred around creating a happy environment in which you are content, and about warmth and intimacy. You ‘feel’ Koselig from anything that invokes happiness. Koselig is a concept that has existed for many, many years in Norway, so let’s examine why it is so important to the people of this wintery country.

Why is Koselig So Important?

Norwegian winters are long and dark, so the need to have something to look forward too is needed to boost positivity and promote happiness. This is where Koselig enters the fray. It is a way to discover the joy in difficult moments. Of course, this is relevant all year round, but it is particularly important to savour the little things and moments when you need them the most. The key to embracing Koselig is to change your mindset and have a put a more positive slant on life, regardless of what is happening. 

How Can You Embrace Koselig this winter?

The simplest way to embrace Koselig this winter is to look at the things that make you feel happy. Find cosy ways to have fun and enjoy yourself, whether that’s at home, such as cooking comfort food, or in the outside world, such as taking a gentler stroll through the woods. Although it certainly will be difficult to gather your friends and family together this Christmas, finding creative ways to socialise is a fantastic way to incorporate the concept of Koselig into your life. This could be something as simple as a virtual drink or coffee with a relative or walking and talking whilst out on a walk with your dog. Whatever it is that you choose to do, stay positive, embrace the little things, and be as cosy as you possibly can be!