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Co-working Spaces: 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Them

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Co-working Spaces: 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Them

Over the last several years, co-working spaces have become more common, which isn’t surprising given their cost-effective nature.

However, there’s more to co-working spaces than just being an affordable place to work; they actually offer a myriad of benefits that most people are unaware of. So, if you’re starting a new business and are looking for a working space that won’t smash a huge hole in your budget – not to mention having an array of other advantages – why not consider a co-working space?

Why You Should Consider Co-Working

In no particular order…

1) No more ‘cafe guilt’: I know I’m not alone when I feel guilty for opening up my laptop and working from a cafe. Sitting there with my far-too-expensive American, always worried that the staff are wondering when I’m going to leave….then buying another drink every hour to make my presence seem worthwhile and cost-effective for the owners. I’m sure that resonates with some of you reading this! But it’s not only the guilt, but it’s also the effect on your wallet and health. Buying drinks and food in cafes is expensive. Plus, all that caffeine isn’t exactly good for you either!

2) Leave the house: For many years, I worked from home and thought I had a well-balanced work: life ratio. In reality, I didn’t. I worked too long and didn’t get out enough into the world to interact with other people. As soon as I ditched my bedroom for a co-working space, I was more productive and felt in a better frame of mind as I could separate work from home (and vice versa). While there’s nothing wrong with working from home – and some people do thrive on it and work best from the comfort of their own abode – why not see if co-working can make you work more efficiently?

3) Meeting new clients: If your business works with other small business, working in a place that is jam-packed with other companies is probably the best (and easiest) way to meet new clients. If you’ve already got to know them, it can make breaking the ice less awkward, so building up a rapport and potentially sealing the deal will come far more naturally – and possibly more quickly.

4) Social life: There are no two ways about it; if you run your own business and find that you’re working long days to get your work done, your social life will suffer. Period. Co-working gives you an opportunity to complete your work, but also be around those with a similar mindset. Socialising is so easy and effortless in a co-working space.

5) Facilities: Working from a cafe may seem like a good idea, but what if you need to print something? What if the WiFi goes down or is slow? In co-working spaces, someone will have what you and can help you out (and you them). Plus, if you cycle there, they’ll be a safe place to leave your bike.

6) Networking: Yes, good old networking! Whether you’re a fan of networking or not, working in a co-working space makes it far easier and far less awkward. I know from experience that networking events can often feel forced and unnatural. Still, networking is a normal, everyday occurrence at co-working spaces – and it happens without you really knowing it.

7) Meetings: Meeting clients in cafes, restaurants and the like can often be difficult to arrange – not to mention being expensive. Co-working venues often have meeting rooms and virtual conference facilities, which can make your life a lot easier…and less expensive!

8) Free product testing: Finding people to test your product and provide honest, constructive feedback can often be tricky. However, if you’re in a co-working space, you’ll have numerous people available to give you their opinion on new ideas, products and the like. In fact, they might even be able to help you make it better.

9) Support and inspiration: Those in co-working spaces know what it’s like to be a lone trader or to start a new venture – as well as the stress it can bring. Having a support network around you day-in-day-out can really help to support, inspire and make you more positive and possibly even successful.

10) Events and seminars: Many co-working spaces will host talks an array of topics and subjects. While not all may be applicable to you and your line of work, you’d be surprised just how much you can learn from attaining such seminars. Plus, you might even meet a few new business contacts too. Win-win.

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