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The Psychology of Road Rage and its Impact on Health

The sound of screeching brakes and profanities filling the air, the sensation of blood rising to your head, one hand tightly gripping the steering wheel whilst gesticulating erratically with the other, coffee split all over the seat….sound familiar? A standard journey home can sometimes result in verbal abuse, which, in some instances, may escalate to…
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The Importance of Effective Leadership & How It’s Achieved

Let’s cut to the chase; there isn’t a successful organisation, business or company on the planet that would be in the position it’s in today without effective leadership. There are no two ways about it; effective leadership is one of the most crucial drivers of innovation, development and ultimately, growth. But what actually it is…
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Workplace Design: An Environmental Psychology Perspective

When discussing a psychological standpoint with regard to a specific topic, it can be easy to overcomplicate matters with a wide array of theories, terminology that only those ‘in the know’ will understand and delve in too deep….the combination of which may turn you, my valued reader, away from my blog and to somewhere else…
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Things a Boss Should Never Say to an Employee

In today’s workplace, so much significance is placed on what separates ‘good managers’ from ‘exceptional leaders’ that we frequently fail to realise how one-sided these phrases can sound in the work environment. Therefore, in recent years, a push towards a ‘coaching-style’ management technique has occurred, which has helped to bring out and boost the strength…
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Effective Leadership: How Transformational Leaders Inspire and Motivate

As said by Jack Welch, honing people’s self confidence is the most important thing you can ever do because then they act on their own. A transformational leader is a type of leader with characteristic traits and behavior which would positively impact the work ethic of employees, pushing them to perform better in their roles.…
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Transformational Leadership: Inspire and Motivate Like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates

Unless you have a rhetorical intention, it would be pointless to ask anyone today about familiarity with Amazon or Microsoft. These are two companies with reputations that precede them. While the nature and potentially the corporate culture of the two businesses defer, there is unmistakably strong leadership at the helm of each. Bill Gates and…
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Powerful Ways To Change Your Life When You Feel Lost, Hopeless, and Stuck

Perhaps you’ve found yourself at a point in your life where you just feel stuck, lost, and entirely hopeless. However, as dark and distant as the horizon might seem – things can and absolutely will get better if you take the right steps towards turning this period of time into one of understanding, changes, and…
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Why Transformational Leaders Have Engaged, Motivated and Healthy Employees

Transformational leadership has, over the years, gained a lot of attention and popularity. This is probably due to its supportive, innovative, and productive nature. In this article, we examine and show and why transformational leaders have engaged, motivated, and healthy employees. The style of transformational leaders and leadership According to Shah et al. .2011, transformational…
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Remote Working: How To Keep Your Employees Engaged, Motivated and Happy

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you some advice detailing how to promote engagement, motivation and mental well-being in employees who are working remotely – which, given the current climate, is probably the vast majority of people! The swift nature of the recent necessity to change from an office-based working environment to…
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Remote Working: How To Promote Engagement and Maintain The Well-being of Your Employees

With recent figures showing that millions of pounds are lost each every year due to work-induced anxiety, stress and depression1, that 80% of workers feel stress when working – with over half of them saying they need assistance in learning how to deal with and manage their stress, and 40% of workers felt their job…
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