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Feeling Unhealthy or Out of Shape? Here’s How To Get Fit Fast

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Feeling Unhealthy or Out of Shape? Here’s How To Get Fit Fast

At some point in our lives, we all feel unhealthy and unfit. Sadly, in today’s world, more and more of us are feeling like this for extended periods of time…and we’re not doing very much about it. So, rather than compounding the problem, it’s time for you to pull your finger out and start doing things that will make you feel better, fitter, and potentially happier (exercise releases endorphins after all!).

I know it’s much easier said than done, and it’s all too easy to slip into lazy and unhealthy lifestyle choices, but I’m here to help, and I promise it won’t be as tough as you think it’s going to be! The key is to start slowly and gradually build your duration and intensity of exercise up over several months. Here are several ways you can boost your fitness and transform your unhealthy self into a much healthier self.

Getting Fit: Here’s How To Do It

1. Number 10 is the only number you should think about

When most of us embark on a fitness kick, we have grand visions of doing 100 sit-ups, 45 minutes on the treadmill and things of that nature, i.e. things that are very challenging and will probably make your give up straight away! Instead, break everything down into 10s. Ten sit-ups. Ten press-ups. Ten minutes on the cross-trainer…you get the drift. Breaking exercise down into smaller, more manageable chunks will help to increase your staying power.

2. Stand Up Every 60 Minutes

There are no two ways about it; sitting down for extended periods of time is bad for you. Being hunched over a keyboard won’t do your posture any good, and your circulatory system indeed won’t thank you! Therefore, standing up and going for a little walk every hour is on the menu every day – weekend included.

3. Walk for 20 minutes

Don’t take the lazy option of a car or public transport. Instead, walk to places that are 20 or 30 minutes away. Walking will not only keep your body healthy, but it’ll also boost your mental health too. Do it every day for a month and see how much better you feel!

4. Switch Off

This is more related to mental rather than physical health, but both are equally important, so it goes without saying that you must take care of your brain as well as your body! Switching off from the world is an excellent way to mental detox and get away from the stresses living in the 21st century brings. Turn your phone off. Don’t go on social media. Just be at peace with yourself and your thoughts for a while.

5. Don’t Fret About Workout Duration

Aim for quality of workout, not quantity of workout. When first getting back into the swing of things, take it easy and focus on (gradual) intensity rather than duration of exercise. Don’t worry about running X amount of miles or doing X amount of minutes on the rowing machine. Instead, accept that you’re newly back to the world of fitness, and bring yourself up gradually over time. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re less fit than you thought!

6. Adverts Are The Perfect Time To Workout

If you’re really struggling to motivate yourself to work out, just do it when watching your favourite program…during the adverts! An hour-long tv show will have around ten minutes of adverts, so that’s ten minutes of being healthy while indulging in your favourite tv series!

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