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Category: Environmental Psychology

Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant

Mindful Leadership: Five Characteristics of a Mindful Leader

If you aspire to become a mindful leader and embrace mindful leadership within your team or business, it is essential to begin by asking yourself a series of difficult questions. While these questions might not be the easiest to answer, it is imperative to answer them with honesty and transparency. The questions are as follows:…
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Conscious Leadership: Five Steps To Becoming a Conscious Leader

Before we examine five ways you can become a (more) conscious leader, let’s look at what a conscious leader is. In short, conscious leaders lead with authenticity, speak with the utmost integrity, whilst at the same time holding themselves completely accountable, which they achieve by being in tune and fully aware of the environment around…
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Resilient Leadership: Seven Steps to Becoming a More Resilient Leader

Before we discuss seven ways to becoming a resilient leader, let’s take examine precisely what a ‘resilient leader’ is and what traits they display. A resilient leader is an individual who views failure as something merely temporary that can be recovered from rapidly. They have the ability to maintain an upbeat and positive attitude, in…
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How To Build Resilience In The Workplace

Let’s be honest; working life is never perfect. Even if you’re doing a job you love, it goes without saying that there will be obstacles, difficulties, and days that make you question whether or not you’re doing the right thing. Therefore, it essential to build resilience to help you through the ‘lows’ of working life.…
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Remote Working: How To Promote Engagement and Maintain The Well-being of Your Employees

With recent figures showing that millions of pounds are lost each every year due to work-induced anxiety, stress and depression1, that 80% of workers feel stress when working – with over half of them saying they need assistance in learning how to deal with and manage their stress, and 40% of workers felt their job…
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Five Ways to Enhance Employee Wellbeing Both Inside and Outside of Work

There are no two ways about it; positive wellbeing is beneficial not only for employees but also for employers and companies too. Research indicates that employee wellbeing can have positive effects on motivation, work efficiency and productivity, and absenteeism to name but a few. Statistics released by the Centre for Mental Health show that mental…
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How To Promote Employee Health and Wellbeing in (and out) of the Workplace

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re no doubt interested in implementing an employee wellbeing initiative within your workplace. The question is, how can you do this successfully? What does it take to boost workplace wellbeing and enhance the happiness, morale, motivation, productivity and performance of your employees? Well, in today’s piece, we’re going to…
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Why is Environmental Psychology Important in the Workplace?

It is often assumed that employee performance, and satisfaction is proportional to financial remuneration, i.e. the wages or salary they are paid. However, although there is some truth in this, it is not a resolute enough (and long-term) indicator of what will maintain or boost performance and keep employees happy within their job role(s).  Why?…
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What is Environmental Psychology?

I’ve often heard the term ‘Environmental Psychology’ described as being ambiguous or just plain confusing, and that doesn’t surprise me given that it’s a relatively new field of psychology1 with a title that is hard to place if you’re not au fait with exactly what it studies. If you’re one of the many people that…
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